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 Hi everyone!  Welcome to the 2019 CSA summer share registration process!


(1) Please review the information below about the share dates and prices.

(2) Please register – you’ll be registering and paying your fees directly to the farm.

(3) Sign up for your volunteer shifts

Registration Deadline is May 20th (all steps must be completed by then)

(3) Please sign up for your two volunteer shifts.  We are completely volunteer-run, so your registration is not complete without you signing up for the shifts. We have three kinds of shifts:

  • delivery shifts:  On Tuesdays, meet the truck in front of Alewife around 2pm, and help unload, as well as bring up the prior week’s boxes from Alewife’s basement and return back to the delivery person.  This is a quick shift – and the delivery people help with the unloading, so not to burdensome. You can pick up your share at the same time and have your evening free!
  • pickup shifts:  On Tuesdays, help with distributing the shares from 5-7pm at Alewife.  Help break down boxes and put downstairs to be returned the next week.  Let the volunteer coordinator know how many unclaimed shares there are and store in downstairs fridge.
  • donation shift:  On Wednesday, anytime between 3-5pm go to Alewife and take unclaimed shares over to City Harvest.  You can walk there, and we have a small handtruck.

(4) If you are splitting a share – you do that yourselves – I do not manage that, but I’m happy to help out as needed.

(5) Make sure to follow us on Facebook  (HuntersPointCSA) so you can receive information about our weekly shares!  By signing up, you also consent to also receiving weekly reminders/updates from the HuntersPointCSA about the summer share.

CSA Details:

First Week of Delivery: June 4, 2019
Last Week of Delivery: November 19, 2019
Our deliveries occur every TUESDAY.


Vegetable Share – $592 for 25 weeks. ORGANIC.
Fruit Share – $92 for 14 weeks. (We have gone back to a shorter, 14-week program to avoid early season quality issues on the peaches.) This is a tree fruit share only.  Peaches, Apples & Pears.  CONVENTIONAL 

NOTE: you cannot purchase a fruit share without also purchasing a vegetable share.

Our Year End Surveys have provided us with valuable information regarding member preferences and requests for certain crops and varieties.  As many of you know, the ultimate harvests are most often out of our control.  We have decided to supplement a few of the crops we grow with those from other local, organic family farms to round out the variety and provide more of what our members are asking for.  These crops will most likely include sweet potatoes and winter squash.  Any supplemental produce will be Certified Organic and grown using similar growing practices to those we use on our own farm

Register by clicking here:

Register for your volunteer shifts here: