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Deadline May 1 2017

//SHARE OPTIONS// Summer/Fall 2017:

VEGETABLE (organic): $538

This is now a 25-week membership share. The Farm has struggled with the final week of the season so they’ve reduced the share by one week and adjusted the cost accordingly.  The season runs between the week of May 30, 2017 and November 16, 2017.  PLEASE NOTE THAT ONE OF OUR DELIVERIES WILL FALL ON JULY 4TH.   Organic produce is picked fresh from the Golden Earthworm fields, boxed up, and delivered to Alewife. This share contains 6 to 10 items each week, depending on the season and availability. You must have a vegetable share to qualify for add-on shares.

Add-On FRUIT: $118

Our fruit is provided by Briermere Farms in Riverhead, NY. The fruit share will consist of tree fruit only – apples, peaches and pears – about one 3-4lb bag of fruit per week.  PLEASE NOTE THAT THE BRIERMERE FARMS FRUIT SHARE IS CONVENTIONALLY GROWN AND MAY BE TREATED WITH SYNTHETIC PESTICIDES. The fruit share will run for 18 weeks (three extra weeks!) from July through October.

Swapping Strawberries for Blueberries! You will find organic blueberries instead of strawberries in the shares next season.  We are unable to continue growing the strawberries due to space and labor constraints, but our friends will be supplying us with organic blueberries to distribute in the vegetable shares twice in July. 

Our fruit share distribution is based on the “Spend-Down Method”. With the spend-down method, CSA members pay a set amount of money at the beginning of the season. When the fruit starts to come into season (usually the first week of July), the fruit farm starts giving a reasonable weekly quantity of fruit.  This may be 1 or 2 portions, depending on what’s ripe to harvest.  Each week, the fruit farmer subtracts the value of the distributed fruit from the initial payment.  The fruit farmer continues to deliver fruit until the original payment is spent down.  CSA members know the start date of the share but will not know the end date.  The end date will be determined by when the money runs out.  For each item in the fruit share there will be a defined price per pound or item.

CSA Obligations

(1) Registration:  Please fill out the form below to register online.  You must mail your payment via snail mail to the PO box indicated on that form AND sign up for two volunteer spots.

(2) Payment – Checks are to be made out to Golden Earthworm Organic Farm (NOT the CSA).  If you need assistance in making payment, we can accept either 2-3 installments – email hunterspointcsa@gmail.com to inquire. Please only use this option out of necessity as it poses an extra administrative burden on the CSA and the Farm.

(3) Volunteering:  Every CSA member MUST to sign up for two volunteer spots.  Volunteering shifts are (i) the delivery shift – which runs approximately from 2-3pm on Tuesday afternoons, helping unload the shares from the delivery truck and returning the prior week’s folded boxes; (ii) the pick-up shift which runs form 5-7pm Tuesday evenings, helping distribute shares to members and breaking down the boxes to return to the Farm; and (iii) the food donation shift which can run anytime from 2-5pm at your convenience, and requires taking any unclaimed shares to City Harvest – which is a walk away from Alewife.

NOTE: If you end up being unable to make your volunteer shift it is YOUR obligation to secure a replacement volunteer.  If you do not fulfill your volunteer obligations, you will not be permitted to join this CSA again.  We understand that life happens, so if you need help securing a replacement please give as much notice as possible to the CSA core team so that we can find you a replacement (24 hours is not enough time).

Thank you!!


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