A CSA in Queens, NYC. Founded in 2013.

CSA 2020 starts tomorrow!!

Hi friends!!!

Tomorrow is our first day of the 2020 Hunters Point CSA! I am so excited to see you all!  Pickup is from 5-7pm.

Week 1: What’s in the box?

  • Arugula
  • Red kale
  • Bok choi
  • Leaf lettuce
  • French breakfast radishes

Please click here for the farm newsletter where they tell you how to store your veg, when to use it, and how to cook it.

We are hosted now at M. Wells, so take this opportunity to pick up some some beverages and food!  They have adapted some of their favorite dishes, wines and cocktails and made them available for pick up and delivery 1 to 7pm. Many dishes are prepared with storage in mind and come cold with easy-to-heat instructions to stock the larder and enjoy when the time is right.  Click here for their online menu.

Protocol for picking up:

  • Bring a bag(s) to bring home your veg.  We send the boxes back to the farm.
  • please wear a mask – you will not be allowed to pick up a share without wearing one.
  • we are in a new location, in pandemic times, so please be kind, and generous as we test our best laid plans for logistics and social distancing.
  • We plan on having the shares outside, or in a very spacious area so there will be plenty of room to space out and pick up your share, without anyone getting too close. We ask that you practice social distancing and give your fellow CSA members 6ft of space as we pick up our shares.
  • I’ve been asked a few times how are we planning to “enforce” social distancing.  We are all volunteer led and I’m not the police or your mother.  We can only enforce social distancing by asking folks to please keep space, and by telling someone who doesn’t have a mask, to please go get one if you want your share, and for me, and Sarah, an owner at M. Wells to plan in advance how to make sure the shares are in a space that allows for social distancing. Which we’ve done.  So I can only ask all of us to be a good neighbor.  I know from years of doing this now, and many of you with me, that we are a kind, and loving community so I don’t foresee any problems.  Let me know if someone’s being a jerk and I’ll give a stern talking to them, but that’s the limit.
  • The farm washes down their trucks, and their team are wearing masks and gloves as they package the shares.

thank you! I’ll be there tomorrow so wave at me from a proper distance!

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