A CSA in Queens, NYC. Founded in 2013.


Welcome back, friends!

Covid-19 threw us for a loop, and we were unsure whether we could start up and find a home and get this season started, but the Farm is full of deliciousness and now we are lucky to partner with M. Wells and our first share will be delivered on Thursday, June 4th.

As an added bonus, M.Wells is doing a take-out business bringing interesting restaurant cooking straight to your home.  You can put your order in with them and pick up your shares and your dinner that night at the same time.  And when our city opens up, we invite you to linger, grab a bite and drink at their amazing restaurant.

For new members; I’ll update on our website, and cross post onto our Facebook page, what’s in the farm.  The Farm has the most beautiful newsletter that should hit your mailboxes as well.

I most often keep in touch via Facebook, so please join our group to stay up to date.

If you’ve signed up and sent in your payment, you’re almost done with the registration process – I just need you to please sign up for your two volunteer shifts.  You can do that by clicking here.

Covid-19 security protocols:

  • The farm deep cleans their trucks and their team on the farm and on the delivery route wear masks, and gloves.
  • All volunteers will also wear masks when on their shift.  You must do the same when you come to pick up.
  • We will all space out and give the socially distanced 6-ft of space between us as we queue up to pick up our share. (typically, we don’t have a ton of people coming at the same time, so based on past experience, please don’t worry about crowding, but of course, we’ll take precautions).
  • If any of you are immunocompromised/have someone who is and need special accommodations on picking up your share, let me know and we’ll figure something out.


Thank you!

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