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Happy New Year from the farm! A big thank you to Mother Nature for the warmer temperatures today that made packing your CSA boxes much more enjoyable than earlier in the week.  The shares that went out on Tuesday were packed while propane heaters blasted at us in the barn. Oh, the joys of wintertime farm work!  I hope you guys all enjoy this month’s fabulous variety of winter storage crops and broccoli (surprise!) that was still alive and well out in the fields.  We wish you a happy and healthy start to the new year.  See you next month!  – Love, Farmer Matt, Maggie & the crew

It bears repeating again, so here you go… A note on storage — Your root veggies will hold up for a full month AS LONG AS YOU STORE THEM PROPERLY.  Eat your greens (collards, kale and broccoli) first, within the first week.  They should be stored in an airtight plastic bag in the fridge.  The root vegetables should be stored separately from the greens, but they can be stored together, also in airtight bags in the fridge.  What do I mean by airtight?  Ziplocks are good, as are regular plastic bags that are closed/sealed well at the top.  The idea is to lock in the moisture so that the veggies stay fresh and don’t turn soft and limp.  Some members prefer glass containers to plastic bags – which is fine too, but just make sure that the lid seals properly.  Happy storing and eating!


Carrots –  Sweet and juicy.  This variety grows well in the cold fall and stores well as long as you keep the moisture in.  (See storage tips above.)  You do not need to peel these.  Just scrub the skin with a vegetable brush.  If you’re used to always peeling your carrots, you may find this unusual, but the skin contains nutrients that you don’t want to lose!
Storage: In an airtight (plastic) bag in the refrigerator. Uses: Juiced, Raw or Cooked. When to use: Within 3 weeks.

Purple Sweet Potatoes – The skin AND flesh are purple on these beautiful potatoes.  They are high in antioxidants and will certainly be a conversation piece when presented on your dinner table!  Cooking sweet potatoes is so easy – just set your oven to 350F and throw them in on a rimmed cooking sheet until soft.  (Usually 45 minutes to 1 hour depending on their size.)  Then scoop out the flesh and mash with olive oil or butter and salt & pepper to taste.  The purple flesh will blow you away!
Storage: In a cool (not cold), dry, dark place. Uses: Cooked. When to use: Within 2 weeks.

Broccoli – Freshly picked from the fields in January!
Storage: In an airtight (plastic) bag in the refrigerator. Uses: Raw or Cooked. When to use: Within 1 week.

Watermelon Radish – No need to peel these.  Just scrub the skin with a vegetable brush. When you cut through, you’ll see how they get their name!  Slice them and sprinkle with sea salt or make a quick salad by tossing them with olive oil, lemon juice, fresh cilantro and salt & pepper to taste.
Storage: In an airtight (plastic) bag in the refrigerator. Uses: Raw or Cooked. When to use: Within 3 weeks.

Rutabaga  These are delicious roasted…think rutabaga “fries”!
Storage: In an airtight (plastic) bag in the refrigerator. Uses: Cooked. When to use: Within 3 weeks.

White Potatoes – A great, light variety for mashed potatoes!
Storage: In an cool, DARK place. Uses: Cooked. When to use: Within 3 weeks.
Cabbage – My mom used to give us wedges of raw cabbage to munch on as a snack before dinner.  I guess I didn’t realize how unusual this was until I casually mentioned it to a friend last week.  But now I find myself doing the same with my kids…sorry, boys.  It’s good for you!  Also delicious in soup (my secret ingredient in vegetable soup) and slaws!
Storage: In an airtight (plastic) bag in the refrigerator. Uses: Raw or cooked. When to use: Within 3 weeks.

Purple Sweet Potato Latkes
Purple Sweet Potato Pie (it’s a thing…)
Rutabaga Oven Fries
Watermelon Radish & Cilantro Salad
Red Curry Winter Squash Soup


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