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Hi everyone,

I do get inquiries about the possibility of offering half-shares, and unfortunately, we are unable to provide this option.  I spoke with the farm, and their policy is to stick with full shares because they plan our harvest for the 6-10 items in each share box each week and a 1/2 share would mean that they would have the make a judgement call about what to eliminate from the 1/2 share box.  So members would not be receiving smaller quantities of their share, they would be receiving fewer items, less variety.  Members would be unhappy about what they chose to eliminate from their 1/2 share no matter what.


But here’s what we can do:
(1) Find someone with whom you can split a share.  Our facebook page is a good place to look for partners, and I am also happy to help match people up if you email me at hunterspointcsa@gmail.com
(2) Once you have someone to share with, please adhere to these policies:
  • Please send in only one check for the full amount of the share, but do tell me with whom you are splitting with.
  • Either split your share by
    • alternate picking up every other week or
    • Designate one of you to pick up the full-share and split up the goods off-site.  Our host location, Alewife, has now less space available for us to store the boxes, and there may be times that there just won’t be room for you to sort through the produce and divide it.
  • Please do not ask the pick-up shift volunteers to hold a box with half a share left aside for your partner when they come by.  They have to manage many tasks while on shift, and this is not one of them — as we are a volunteer organization, please volunteer to manage your half-shares in an efficient manner.
  • just as a note; if you sign up for the delivery shift (the mid-afternoon shift to meet the delivery truck and unload), this is a great time to split the shares with your partner because Alewife is empty.

Thanks for your understanding.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.



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