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What’s in the box this week / The fruit shares begin this week!

  • Carrots – 1 bunch
  • Beets – 1 bunch
  • Radicchio – 1 head
  • Zucchini – several pieces
  • Scallions – 1 bunch
  • Red Batavian Lettuce – 1 head
  • Kohlrabi – several pieces 

Carrots – Be sure to remove the tops of the carrots before storing them! This summer variety is especially crunchy and sweet!

Zucchini – Slice these up and steam them gently until soft. Serve them with butter and salt.  

Radicchio – From the chicory family, radicchio has a slightly bitter flavor (which matches perfectly with a hard, sharp cheese in a salad), but mellows when cooked. Try this week’s recipe on the GEOF’s website! 

Kohlrabi – It looks like sputnik and tastes a lot like a sweet cabbage. Just peel off the thick skin and either slice raw, make a slaw or roast! 

Beets – Boil or roast the beet roots and save the greens for a gentle saute. Be sure to separate the roots from the greens and store separately in bags in the fridge. They’ll last longer that way.

Batavian Lettuce – For your summer salads…

Scallions – Use them sliced in salads. Also great grilled or used anywhere you would normally use onions. You can eat the green parts too! 


Hooray!! The Fruit Share begins this week! Please remember to only take fruit if you have already registered, paid and it says “FRUIT” next to your name on the check-in sheet.

  • Blueberries – 1 container
  • Rhubarb – 1 bunch

Pickup on Tuesday at ALEWIFE, from 5pm – 7pm. All CSA members get a 10% discount on drinks at Alewife throughout the season!  

Please remember to bring sturdy bags to carry your produce home. 

All of the bagged greens have gone through one wash at the farm, but the farm recommends that you wash them once again at home before eating. To wash greens: (1) Fill a large bowl with cool water. (2) Dump in greens and agitate. (3) Remove greens and spin dry in a salad spinner.  

Remove the tops of the carrot greens before storing. (They can be composted.) Remove the the beet green tops as well, but don’t discard! Store the beet greens separately and cook them!

In a bag in the fridge…  Lettuce, Zucchini, Kohlrabi, Scallions, Beets, Radicchio, Carrots

Do you have a favorite recipe using items from this week’s produce? If so, please share on our FB page:


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