A CSA in Queens, NYC. Founded in 2013.

The Haul: July 30

Sorry for the hiatus on share list updates here on the website. When in doubt, you can always check the current week’s e-newsletter for a complete share list, or check the chalkboard during pickups.

In case you’re wondering what you’re looking at this week, your share contains:

Vegetable Share:
– zucchini (1 piece)
– parsley (1 bunch)
– lettuce (2 heads)
– baby watermelon (1 piece)
– red onions (1 bunch)
– red or yellow potatoes (1 qt)
– cucumbers (1-2 pieces)
– basil (1 bunch)
Fruit Share:
– white peaches (1 bag)
Herb Share:
– mint (1 bunch)
– rosemary (1 bunch)
Enjoy another week of gorgeous produce!
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